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Meaning, Nature and Characteristics of Intelligence

John Parankimalil

One of the most important single variables, which affect schooling, is intelligence. Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Success in school and colleges and in one’s own profession, social adjustment, possession of general information etc. are all associated with the concept of “intelligence”. The word intelligence is derived from the Latin verb ‘intellegere’ which means understanding.

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Of A Website Being A Conversation

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Becoming The Muse

A website is a conversationA Website is a conversation

Well if Code Is Poetry……Then A Website is A conversation.

I am a story-teller I come from a line of story-tellers  its in my blood we used to sit round a fire and tell stories and now, we gather round our devices in this digital age stories are immortalized on the pages of the internet, I start digital fires.

Screenshot (53)

A Website just like a good story, tells not just a story but it’s a conversation; it captures the mind, it engages your audience and they ask those four words every story-teller loves to here…. And Then what happened next.

So you have a website its perfect everything is on fleek. The design is flawless, the seo is optimized so is the device compatibility….

Screenshot (54)

And then what happens next? What comes after:

Screenshot (56).pngThe internet is where websites go to die, buried in…

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My imperfect self

I read somewhere once that you never fail a thousand times, you learn a thousand ways that do not work. And I have learnt that powdered colouring is more concentrated than liquid colouring. 

Back to that cake, it is the great renowned red velvet cake. I figured it was just chocolate cake with red colouring and thought eezzy peasyy – Next time.I will do blue velvet. But no, it had too much colouring. It looked a mess. But it tasted great.

It is much like life, messy. Not necessarily because everything is falling apart. But that one thing undermines all the good. And to the rest of the world it is a hot mess. 

How cruel the world is when it judges us. With all it’s high expectations expecting us.to be picture perfect. Does it care about us, no. Only the pleasure it finds in seeing perfection. It’s mustard not yellow. Chocolate not brown. Copper not orange. Get high grades and look pretty. Not too much like you are looking for attention. That is the world, like Goldilocks Looking for the perfect taste.of porridge – It has to be just right.

But not my cake, it did not care about me. It was there displaying it’s sham. And I wondered, had it met other.red velvets? 

Favourite Memes

This is really how my life is sometimes. There’s so much on my to do on my to-do list and slow internet will have me throwing a fit. I love to keep busy, and I have a tendency to overthink sometimes. LOL , no its not a good combo.

Yes if you owe me money and I see you posting living it up. I will be very surprised because in my mind it is disrespectful. Lol

Everytime I start a workout routine I do not stop talking about it. I honestly feel like my body is having a conversation with itself about how great I am.

I always turn up when I start something new. But I get bored easily so if it does not grow or evolve. I am bored.

I honestly do not get matching outfits and printed T’s to prove your love. It is a soma ulte for me.

It’s been a while…..

Dear old me

I hope you don’t find it strange that I called. I hope you don’t find it offensive that a stranger is here to talk to you about your life. I know you have a temper for days. And I don’t want your words, the venomous spit will kill me.

But I cannot help but notice that it’s been a while since you smiled. I mean like really laugh. I mean having that overwhelming peace in you. I hate to be all up in your business and maybe make a joke of your problems but I had to say this.

It is all one Big Joke. Yes my dear all of it. I wish you could see me now. The way I laugh with Paulla about your silly worries. Not to scare your fragile heart but sweetheart. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

You should hear your testimonies. About God and all. Yes,God. You are going to have a fire for him burning so bright noone can outshine it. And girl when you start ti love yourself, I cannot even explain to you how great you will feel.

You are going to go through so many confusing stages in your 20s. Giving your life to God is not going to be easy. You’ll be self righteous and guilty. You will be begging and crying with no answers. You,  be gullible and people pleasing. LoL, a real hot mess.

But I will let you in on a secret. You have a fire in you that cannot be kindled. You have a sweet soul and a lion spirit. And when you find your roar. And 28 is going to be the best year of your life. But I will let that be a surprise. Remember, Christ styled you, but you don’t know it yet. Little girl…….. the devil will regret ever messing with you at 28.

Take care. Can’t wait to meet you.


You x

Finding me 

photo from Google pictures

 I guess because being the last one in my family I grew up guarded so I had to do everything perfectly well. So I am a bit of a personality perfectionist and I overthink everything.       

But back to finding me… I just recently realized something. Nothing in my life will change unless I do and nothing moves unless I do but time will. Seriously some people are born great but some become great. I surely was not born with a silver spoon in,my mouth so I believe I was born to become great – which means I have to have a go getter attitude and worK extra hard. It would be nice to have a billion dollars tap dance my way without any work. But life doesn’t happen like that. Even miracles need believing.

I gave my life to God in 2012 and to be honest I wanted life to change immediately. And I will not lie, a lot changed in me – instantly. And life was somewhat amazing until I started to hit walls to no end then I hit rock bottom. I started to pray for things that were not coming to life. And trust me death felt like a better option, and everyone else could only offer these words of comfort – “be strong, you’ll be ok.” Now you know your life is sad when the world around you sees it too.

I made a couple of mistakes in the rut. I waited on God to fix me. I waited on the world to be perfect before I could be happy with my life. I felt like such a failure, overthinking all my errors trying to be perfect enough to please God so he could move in my life. I wanted my life to move the same way the lives of my peers was.  There was a part of me in my prayers saying “God. In order for me to fully appreciate who I am I need you to move in my life the way I asked you to. Show me how much You love coz I feel unloved.” 

And God was saying “Tildah dear, I need you to move so you can see who you are. I have been around all this while and you have seen me. Now you move, you’re good for it.”

We all make that mistake. Going around expecting life to go how it goes for everyone else. Feeling entitled to a blessed life is no sin but God is not a genie, He loves us too much to give us what we want. He gives us what we need. Open your mind, let go of guilt, shame and tears and be happy, free and self-aware. Take a risk, get out of the comfortable and secure and the world will surprise you. Be at peace with your errors and stop trying to be perfect or be too strong for your own good. Like my good friend Kirk said “pain demands to be felt. Because sometimes being strong is what breaks us apart.” 

We all make that mistake. Going around expecting life to go how it goes for everyone else. But when it dosen’t we need to put our best foots/feet foward, be persistent, be brave, be resilient, be patient and believe. Sensational is born of the struggle to find a unique way out of trouble. Use what God put in you and become great – the world owes us nothing nomatter how many times we’ve cried. Real strength is not just going through and getting over pain. It’s what you do with the pain and after the tears.

Inspired by an episode of  The Men Who Built America and the movie The Greatest Showman.


Unashamed and Unapologetic

No its not bragging. My dad says just because your reality is not someone else’s reality dosen’t mean they are bragging. My mom says own it. The Bible says we boast not in ourselves but in the power of the living God who is in us.

Growing up I had a low self esteem, like down to the core typa low. Like no way I am not good enough for anything typa low. Like I want to be swallowed by the ground typa low. Yes, I hope it’s clear that I hated my own existence to the point where I questioned why I was alive. And because murombo haarovi chine nguo (it never rains but it pours) yes my family hit a recession in my teens – it became worse. 

By college and my 20s I was a bitter and spiteful young lady – I forgot to mention vindictive. I had a mean mouth and hot temper so yes if I lost it I lost it on a high note. Then I met God and I changed, and although I am not where I need to be I am not who I used to be.

So no I am not ashamed of who I was. Am I sorry to the people I have hurt – NoDoubt I am. But trust me I am nowhere near perfect even now, JESUS is my photoshop. I am not ashamed of it. I boast in God, this is not an attitude problem. It’s a testimony praise glory to the Most High worship because I know how far I have come. So no – I don’t apologize for my seemingly arrogant attitude. Coz I know a forgiveness and bloodwash and sacrifice that did not care who I was. I take crucifixion personally. I take conscious living seriously.

But I do not people please – I do what I can and if I fallout I am sorry. So here is why I am Unashamed and Unapologetic. Trust me you will be surprised…….. I have flaws – yes I actually am not perfect. I don’t always get it right. I am arrogant, angry and am late for events sometimes. I don’t mind my own business too sometimes. But I have stopped trying too hard and just give it all to God.

Five months to saying goodbye to 2018 and I can safely say. PHEW!! Thanks to my best friend PaullaC I have let go of my obsession with control. At least on some level – LoL

And God has been good, coz it has been hard.​

Keep smiling Keep shinning. You are getting better